Saturday, September 30, 2006


I finally finished the second test roll in my Lomo LC-A, after the first disastrous roll where I kept forgetting to change either the focal range, aperture, or both. And frankly I wasn't impressed this time around either.

My goal was to test it in low light situations taking pictures of colorful items, as this was supposed to be one of the selling points of the LC-A, its colorful contrasty pictures and good auto-metering. So my self-assignment was, basically, collections of bottles, either in bars or liquor stores. Aaaand I didn't really turn up any good examples, except one photo which was taken in daylight of something completely different, which came out very well. They're all more or less well-exposed but vastly out of focus or at the very least unsharp. Granted, it's difficult to handhold a 2s exposure when you have a drink or two in you and are trying to be discreet about your snaps, even if you rest your elbows on the bar like you're a tripod. Still, this type of scenario is supposed to be where the LOMO shines!

At any rate, I'll update the page and post a sample soon. I guess the next thing to do is do a similar test with my beloved XA2. Well, if I must, I must!

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