Thursday, April 19, 2012

Google Drama and Site Change

Well the unexpected drama appears to be over for now. When Google unexpectedly stopped serving ads to my photo site a couple of weeks ago, claiming that this page is pornographic, I panicked. Within 24 hours I removed all AdSense add from pages with nudity on them, as requested, but was denied appeal to get the ads reinstated.

So what I did instead was to split my camera subsite out into its own full website, and crosslinked it with the photo page. It would have gone smoother except that a BBEdit global search and replace went badly and required me to hand-update about 300 pages with new footers. Doh! The next step, of course, is to convert the entire site to Wordpress, as soon as I can either figure out how to get domain masking activated with Bravenet or (ugh) change hosting.

If you, dear reader, could do me a favor and go click around to help get those pages back into Google's search index it would be greatly appreciated! Also - any static links you have to the old pages will need to be updated. Thanks for all your support!


Friday, March 02, 2012


My faith in the youth of America has been restored, even while Kodak slips into obscurity. Today near Kezar Stadium, instead of the usual skate rat & digital movie cam crew was a 20something man setting up his Hasselblad to take shots of skaters on the entryway steps. The Hassy had a Planar and a Polaroid back for test shots before shooting on slide film. He had three remote-trigger strobes, one of which was the legendary Vivitar 285. Sigh. Play on.