Sunday, November 26, 2006


Whew, we just got back from Disneyland and boy are my arms tired! And my feet. And legs, eyes... and just about everything else. Four days of non-stop fun and capped with two driving days. And followed by a day of laundry. My film and Casey's and are still awaiting pickup at Costco -- I took 5 rolls with two cameras (n6006 and 35ES), Casey took 4 with his Kodak Sure Shot Supreme and Ellen shot 200+ with the digital. I know, you care.

I do have a little-known camera tip for you Disneyland visitors: while the photo shop at the edge of Main Street doesn't sell photo accessories (they're mostly film and batteries), they do have a lens cap lost & found, and if you ask nicely they may just let you have a replacement for your lost lens cap, free! I lost the push-on cap for my Vivitar 35ES somewhere between the Haunted Mansion and the square in a rush to meet up with the group, and was able to find one in the box that fit.

Bonus tip #2 -- the corn dog cart next to the photo shop has the best corn dogs, ever, anywhere. Hand-dipped and oversized, they're one of the better food finds in the park.

Bonus tip #3 -- if you haven't seen Disneyland done up for Christmas, you owe yourself the treat. I've never seen anything like it. Magic Kingdom indeed!

So now we're back from sunny Anaheim, and it's 40deg and raining. Hm, string lights in the rain or watch football and practice guitar? Tough choice....

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


If only it were for a good reason like drinking all night, which is what I looked like when I woke up this morning despite a reasonable night's sleep. No, I appear to have contracted the dreaded pinkeye, our friendly name for conjunctivitis. None of my kids have it so I have no idea where it came from, probably a dirty shopping cart handle or something. I can't imagine where else. It's a drag.

I haven't had this since I was a youngster, I remember waking up then in a panic thinking I was blind because I couldn't open my eyes and couldn't see... I also remember that that bout of pinkeye coincided with movie night at my grandparents' house, and that meant 8mm Laurel and Hardy projected with a real film projector onto a collapsible movie screen like everyone used to have, you know, back before there were video iPods. Maybe a little longer ago. I tried my best to enjoy what were really very funny films through scratchy pussy bleary eyes. Like the ones I'm using to stare at this little type on the screen.

And here I thought my eyes were just tired and achy from so much computer work this week... it hurts to even look at anything, I can't wait to see the doctor tomorrow. I need to be better in time for our road trip, kind of hard to drive if I can't see.

Other news... not much really, I did notice today by complete accident that one of my domain names ( wasn't forwarding, and then saw that my web host had completely overhauled their website in the last week. They fixed the problem as soon as I emailed them, which is nice. They didn't know why it didn't carry over. I hope my pages load a little faster now!