Saturday, August 28, 2010

What. Is. Up.

First post since I was forced to migrate my blog! No difference to you, I think, but big difference on the back end. Anyway.

Thought about starting a Twitter, since, you know, that's just easier, and shorter... but then I'd be a Twit like everyone else. (I suspect that medium is on the verge of flaming out. Could be wrong!)

The reason I'm writing is that I'm feeling that tingle again. You know, the whisper in the ear, the longing... the need to shoot a real camera again. Oh you know the camera phones and digital point & shoots and even DSLRs have their place but oh my god how can that cupboard of human history and engineering marvels languish for so long? I NEED. To shoot. Film.

Following a few black and white Tumblr streams, some even not actual porn, and have some cool and talented Facebook friends and Flickr contacts whose photos I both admire and envy. That definitely got me going.

Worst of all, I went to check on my old friends and found not one, but two so far that actually have unfinished rolls of film in them! I used to be able to look through our family photo albums, and while admiring the subject, simultaneously think 'ah yes, this was when I got my first Praktica and this was with the Yashica GSN, and this one...' and now I don't even know what I was shooting with these random rolls. I guess I'll find out! At any rate I thought you should know, as I will be updating the site, posting new picks on Flickr that weren't taken with a random digital camera, and even - gasp - adding a camera or two to the page.

In the meantime I want to thank you all for all your continued support even as I have pursued other endeavors over the last few years, I do love hearing from you all. Not so fond of the GSN repair questions -- which I just no longer have the chops to answer -- and the 'how much is this worth' questions -- which by and large are just laziness -- but other than that I do enjoy hearing from you.


Monday, July 05, 2010

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