Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Back from Vacation

Ah it's good to be home, no matter how much fun we had in San Diego (or Sandy Eggo as we used to say). I did settle on a couple of cameras to bring, it wasn't an easy choice! I was happy with it though: Minolta XD5 with 45mm Rokkor, 28mm Sears for MD, and 2x doubler; and Yashica 124.

My two older kids actually shot much more film than I did, Bailey shot 4 rolls and Casey shot 6, while I only shot 1 roll of Kodak Black & White, two rolls of FOMA pan 100, and almost a roll of Macophot 100 in the Yashica. I did take more pictures than that though, with the family digicam, though most of the nearly 600 digital pics were taken by Ellen. I'll see if I got any good ones after I develop my film and add them to the upcoming 'new work' update.

One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to and tour of the Stone Brewing Company's new location which just opened in Escondido near the Wild Animal Park, if you're a lover of bold craft beers you owe it to yourself to drive a couple miles north after visiting the Park, and check it out! It's near the I-15 and 78 interchange on the top of a hill. You won't be sorry.

SO... the trick now will be remembering where I left off with my site updating. Should have left myself more bread crumbs. Here's a pic from where else, Legoland!

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