Friday, July 18, 2008

Back from Vacation

Ah Vacation.... Yes we just got back from the kind of vacation you need a vacation to recover from when you get back. Good times though, and I took a lot more pictures than I planned. Big question as always before we left, what camera to take? The short list was Vivitar 35ES, Ricoh 500G, Fed 2e w/35mm, Konica TC or Minolta XD-5. But I didn't leave myself much time to decide so took what has become a common companion, the Minolta with 45mm 2.0, Sears 28mm, and a 2x extender. Great versatile kit. Got heavy after a while though, tramping around Boston with my little man-purse of camera gear, and I ended up wishing I had what I should have taken but forgot about, the Canon Sure Shot 120. Rats. Next time!

Haven't developed the film yet but will soon. Also, loving the versatility of that little Canon Powershot A750is. Seems like everyone I know has a Powershot of some kind now! Still not the same as holding that solid SLR up to your eye and dialing in the perfect composition.

Sidebar - has anyone come up with a name for that thing people do with digicams where they hold them out with two hands and look at the screen with big eyes? Seems like it should have a name. How about 'four finger death pinch'? Comment with your thoughts.


  1. Hi, Keep up the blog... I just started to collect film cameras, about a year ago. My son gave me a Nikon Coolpix 5800 - it died and was resurrected (recalled) months later. In the mean time I'd taken up film and the collecting of 30's through a few 60's cameras - I'm still working out what I like about them each, but, what's the hurry. So, I post the pictures, and a comment or two along the way. It all keeps my head above water in the hard times. Tim

  2. Hey thanks for your note, it definitely makes a nice 'grounding' diversion from what ails ya. Soothes the soul, keeps the hands busy.

  3. I've found that the perfect vacation camera is my trusty Holga, especially when I visit large cities. It's light and unobtrusive and if you lose it you're only out $30... and of course it takes wonderful dreamy pictures.

  4. Glad to see that you're still taking photos. Re sidebar: How about 'Chimping!' As in people look at the thing as if they were chimpanzee's examining a new piece of fruit whilst thinking "Wow a new banana, I've never seen me one of them before". Btw I've enjoyed reading your camera articles over the years. Got my own own little clutch of Rangefinders now.