Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And it's been awhile....

(someone's going to get that, I just know it)

Hey-ho, what's up everyone? I know I haven't blogged here in a while, clearly I haven't been shooting much, though I've been thinking about it more and more lately. I miss my little metal friends! Time just keeps getting away from me somehow....

As a fan of the film Iron Man and pretty much everyone in it, and a fan of the outstanding documentary photography of actor Jeff Bridges, I thought some of you would enjoy checking out this well-put-together virtual book documenting the making of Iron Man on jeffbridges.com. All black and white panoramic shots as he likes to do, with insightful handwritten notes scattered throughout. I particularly enjoyed the angsty haircut shots (how did he frame those, I wonder?) and the workshop shots. Check it out!

Happy shooting! And happy Holidays!



  1. Nice link, Matt.


  2. Anonymous4:47 AM

    Matt - you mention on your Konica Autoreflex T review, and on your Konica Autoreflex TC review, that these are aperture priority cameras.

    But I think they are both shutter priority? That is, the user selects the shutter speed and film speed, and the camera chooses the appropriate aperture?

    The Autoreflex T is described as shutter priority on http://www.buhla.de/Foto/Konica/eATHaupt.html.

    Just a nitpick. Thank you for your very enjoyable and informative camera write-ups.