Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hey Folks

OK guys, sorry, while I'm far from a 'net newbie, these sharing sites like flickr and myspace are a little bit of a shift for me -- I'm just finally getting into my blogs eh! The point being that I didn't know there was a messaging component to flickr, and here people have been leaving me messages since I signed up! Doh! As some of you know (and you know who you are) I have trouble keeping up with email as it is.

You'll never believe what I did today... ah so I'll just tell you. I actually went in the darkroom and made my first proof prints in over a year. Sho' 'nuff. Yeh I think my paper is a little past date, it's kind of grey, not horrible for proofs but not great for prints. Chemicals seem ok though. The important ones anyway. See, Ellen's caught up to my last darkroom foray with her scrapbooking, so I (ahem) had no choice but to get in there and make proofs of negs I had forgotten I even developed. (!) And like my recent re-entry into developing, at first was pain and after was like riding a bike.

[sidebar - that Papelbon has some game face eh? go Sox!]

Tomorrow - more printing. I have a confession to make, I have another reason to spend time in the darkroom -- I realized it's a great place to practice singing! Yes, no sooner than I posted that I was taking singing lessons that I (we) had to stop, we simply couldn't afford to continue, fun as it was. Wait, why am I trying to learn to sing in the first place? Well, that's for me to know and you, well... probably just as well not, no offense :)

So I'm almost done with my roll of soccer pics with the Nikon FM2 and the Novoflexar; and am halfway through a roll in my little Ricoh 500G that I started taking at a recent benefit concert for local schools that featured area local Sammy Hagar as headliner, what a guy, he can bring it at 60. He and the Wabos rocked the park! It was my kids' first concert, they had a good time, mostly with their uncle as I was busy as a volunteer patrolling the grounds as part of the safety patrol. Still fun. Local food & beers, lots of familiar faces, and of course Sammy and the Wabos.

Ok, I have pics to post on flickr now, from our trip north to Eureka not too long ago, and maybe some more soon depending on what I come up with tomorrow.

That's it for now. Oh by the way Happy Birthday Sammy! 60 woo! I can only hope I'm still kicking out the jams at that age :)


  1. Anonymous12:32 AM

    hello mat,
    i need an information about Yashica GSN electro 35 camera. i was looking for your email address but i could not find it and as u mentioned in this post about trouble keeping up with the emails ,i decided to comment on this post. well my dad bought that camera in early 1980's and since then it was not use. now i was about to buy a new digital camera for my self but i realized that this japenese thing will proof to be good photo taking machine. it is in good condition and i did get enough information from ur camera section about it but three things are still confusing...1) there is a hook kind of thing appearing over the lens where there is focal range measures(16,11,8,5.6 etc) . what is that hook for.? ... 2) the focal measures are twice written above the lens. one is with that hook. is that is requried for adjustments... 3) finally can i connect it with my PC anyway?.

    i am interested in taking some landscape images of my city. will that camera prove to be good resource or shall i buy a new one...waiting for your reply,,

    Zaidi, Waqas

  2. Hi - these are good questions for the electronic age. The hook is the self-timer lever. If you move it down and release the shutter then the timer will delay the shutter about 8 seconds. The aperture settings (16,11,8,5.6 etc) control the amount of light falling on the film, and also to some degree the sharpness of the things in front and behind the subject. The focal measures are written twice because one is meters and one is feet; only the focus is needed for adjustments. Lastly you cannot hook a non-digital camera to you PC, but you can request a CD of your roll of film when you drop it off for development. You'd probably do well to look for the manual online, I believe I have it linked from my page.