Sunday, October 14, 2007

Done Deed

I uploaded photos to flickr and changed my new work page to display the latest photos I have there. Unfortunately I can't seem to figure out how to get those linked images to launch in a new window, so clicking on them takes you to my flickr page and away from my photo page. It must be a parameter of javascript it calls but I can't quite figure it out. I guess you can always right- or option- click and open in a new tab or window.

Next task of course is to find homes for those images that gathered digital dust in the 'new work' section for so long, I like several of them very much. I also need to go through and remove the 'new' tags for those not-so-new cameras on the camera page, and when I get a chance, add (gasp) a couple of new cameras that have found their way into my house. Heh. So little time...


  1. Matt, all you need to do is insert target=_blank inside the "a href" code in HTML after the address to the flickr page.

    by the way, nice pictures :)

  2. Hey Nitsa - thanks, I did try that, it worked for the direct link to flickr but not for the image links, I was hoping to have the image open in a new page. Hey - did I read somewhere that you roll your own html in BBEdit like I do? BTW I really like your site & photos, keep up the good work!


  3. Matt, if you want to show just the image in a new page try this:

    1. Goto to the image in Flickr that you want to display in a window.
    2. Click on All Sizes.
    3. Choose the size you want.
    4. Copy the URL from Grab the Photo's URL textbox.
    5. Now you can use that URL in javascript to open a new window:

    INPUT type="button" value="New Window!" onClick="'','mywindow','width=800,height=600')"
    Note: I couldn't post with angle brackets at the beginning and the end of the INPUT HTML command. You need to put them back.

    Btw, your camera site is the best. I've read every single SLR and rangefinder camera description and have purchased many cameras based on your reviews. Your site has given me many hours of entertainment. Thank you!

    Karmagroovy (Flickr Name)

  4. Ahhh brilliant, I'll play around with that. Thanks!

    And thanks for the compliments!