Monday, October 02, 2006

New Page

It's just a little one, about a little item called a Mini Softrelease. No jokes please, I didn't name it.

Hm -- apparently Monday morning is a popular time to update blogs! is always slow on Monday AM.

BTW I did shoot that roll in the Yashica FX-3 yesterday, and got what I hope are some cool still life type pics with and without the Tamron 2x that I'll make a page about once I have a sample to share. Didn't get a chance to develop the roll though.

So still to finish: the Konica b/w roll, the Vito B roll and a roll I started ages ago in my Photax Blinde that I just found! I should just go to the beach and shoot it or something. Too cold today though, autumn is asserting itself the way it does in SF. Brr!

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