Friday, July 07, 2006

Welcome to my Weblog

Hello all - I finally decided to take the plunge and adopt this trendy technology to stay in touch and help keep my site updated even when I'm not adding new pages. Bear with me while I work on integrating this section and updating the mechanics of the site itself. The challenge for me (besides finding the time!) will be to update and enhance the site without compromising its simple look and feel.

To be sure, this is not my first attempt at what is now called a weblog or 'blog'; several years ago I attmepted in one of my early websites to keep an online diary (long before blogging software made it simple), in what became "Geekboy's Essays" before it just got too difficult to maintain. Ring any bells? Of course not. Not enough people were online at the time, which is why that site eventually vanished in obscurity. NCSA Mosaic and Netscape 1 were the browsers of choice, Altavista was the search engine of the day, Amazon was barely starting out and there wasn't much worth seeing on the Internet except for Swedish porn (well, some things don't change). Only geeks and nerds were online, not the general public. Now everyone and their grandmother is online and has their own website and weblog....

Hm... suddenly I feel like I'm on the verge of ranting 'Blogging! Text messaging! Why, in my day we just used two cans and a piece of string and liked it!' Ah well. Check back for updates and announcements, I'll try to keep it interesting :)


  1. Hi! Are we to see any pictures\cameras from you soon?


  2. Yes - I have some new pages I'm working on, they're a little in limbo as I am updating the whole site but they'll be up before long. Expect the 'new work' page to be all new, er, soon!