Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Site Update in Progress

It is time. Slowly, surely, you will begin to see the pages at mattdentonphoto.com and mattsclassiccameras.com updated with a slightly new look. I've picked a layout and typefaces, tweaked the templates and have been testing it quite a bit. Not only is it a slight cosmetic upgrade, this update will give me an opportunity to clean up my code and update all of my pages and links, though there are hundreds of them so it will take a while.

The move to use css has been something I've been putting off for a long time, but now the time has come, the technology is tried and true and used very widely now. In the end it's as much for the look as it is for me to be able to update the site more easily and quickly in the future.

I'm prepared to hear complaints that the 'new look' is too this or too that, even though it's essentially the same... just a little application of some of my dormant design training, that's all. It may change again as I go through this process, we'll see.

Keep checking back!

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