Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New site coming soon!

It's officially in progress, and I mean actually really and truly in progress, the updated Matt's Classic Cameras site that I've been kicking around for years!

It's about half migrated now, after only a few days of work, and after several years of false starts and dead ends, trying to develop a custom theme for Wordpress, then learning Drupal theming and administration, and in the end, when I was ready for it and it for me, finding a Wordpress theme that was just right at the time I needed it most and just diving in with both feet.

Slick, clean, modern, and responsive, basically everything I've wanted in the site since I started looking for a solution. Once it's all ported over from my current static html site, I'll go back through and update broken & missing links and make sure everything works, but won't be changing the site content people have come to know and love. I want this version live as soon as possible.

Bonus - I've found pictures of cameras I forgot I had that I'll be adding to the site, so there will actually be some fresh content for the first time in years. I'm so glad that there has been a resurgence in film camera use and to see that the love for film continues. I hope that I've been a contributing factor in my own little way, that was my intent for this site from the very beginning!

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