Thursday, April 19, 2012

Google Drama and Site Change

Well the unexpected drama appears to be over for now. When Google unexpectedly stopped serving ads to my photo site a couple of weeks ago, claiming that this page is pornographic, I panicked. Within 24 hours I removed all AdSense add from pages with nudity on them, as requested, but was denied appeal to get the ads reinstated.

So what I did instead was to split my camera subsite out into its own full website, and crosslinked it with the photo page. It would have gone smoother except that a BBEdit global search and replace went badly and required me to hand-update about 300 pages with new footers. Doh! The next step, of course, is to convert the entire site to Wordpress, as soon as I can either figure out how to get domain masking activated with Bravenet or (ugh) change hosting.

If you, dear reader, could do me a favor and go click around to help get those pages back into Google's search index it would be greatly appreciated! Also - any static links you have to the old pages will need to be updated. Thanks for all your support!


1 comment:

  1. Matt,

    I'll do a simple blog post at my website on Matts Cameras at in hopes of helping you with your website changes.

    I see you looked at my profile on LinkedIn. If you send me a link I'd be glad to accept. Your photography blog is one of my favorites.