Monday, April 25, 2011

Email Update and Update Update

Turns out that catching up on a year and a half's worth of email (!!) hasn't taken as long as I thought, it just took some sitting down and powering through. Went from 350 emails in my inbox down to 50!

Sadly I've missed some opportunities and probably some connections but at least from now on keeping current will be much easier. Funny - in researching some of the answers I've found that I can't lay hands on a few of my cameras, but I ran across some I didn't even know I had! Guess I've got some more pages to put up...

On that note, I'm seriously considering moving my site from static html pages to a Wordpress-based site now that I'm familiar with WP, but not sure how to get from point a to point b without losing the clean design of my site. Does anyone have a Wordpress theme recommendation for me?

And for those of you wondering how did I get so far behind in the first place? What the heck have I been so busy doing for the last few years you ask?

I've been busy doing this:

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