Monday, August 06, 2007

Branch out, branch in

Ah, so! I just got asked if I was still shooting, it's been so long since I posted anything new. (ouch!) Well, gentle readers, I am in fact now shooting again, after a somewhat lengthy and uneven hiatus of a) uninspiration and b) being just too busy with other things to think about it.*

But truth be told I did in fact take the N6006 and (gasp) the Kiev 60 to the mighty mighty redwoods on our recent road trip north. We stayed in Fortuna, adjacent to the Eel River Brewing company (, and visited Victorian-era Ferndale, Lolita and its cheese factory; Eureka and Humboldt Bay; and Arcata, home of Humboldt Crabs baseball. Fun trip! So here's my question to you: I have new pictures, should I post them in the new work section or put them on Flickr?

I do have a couple rolls to develop. Hm, how old are my chemicals again??

*What things? Well, you know about work, baseball, coaching T-ball and now soccer, learning guitar and writing songs, in addition to that I'm now (with Casey and Bailey) taking Irish tinwhistle and singing classes. And trying to have a social life and balance that all with home life, and catching up on the Sopranos on DVD (doh!) SO yes I'm figuring out how to fit photography back in... Not a complaint, just the way things are right now!


  1. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Glad to see you're still updating the site! Regarding your recent trip, the N6006 is a greatly underrated body. It has one of the best focus screens Nikon ever made, easily the equal of the F4. I use mine frequently with MF glass, and haven't found anything better, in terms of focusing. I also like the N6006s 75/25 CW metering; it's much more accurate in many situations than 60/40. AF is more sensitive (although slower) then the much more expensive F4, and it has numerous features, such as rear/delayed sync and independent flash exposure compensation, built right in.

    I also own the F100 and a number of other Nikon bodies, but the N6006 is a do-everything SLR that's very hard to beat.

    Take care and have fun shooting!

  2. Thanks for your note. I do also have an FM2 that I need to put a page up on, but it seems to be the N6006 that comes with us on our trips. Got to love that metering and the autofocus!