Monday, September 18, 2006

All Quiet on the Western Front?

I actually sent myself a test email to make sure my email account was working, after it got quiet all of a sudden right about the time I upgraded Thunderbird to 1.507. It works, it's just quiet out there I guess.

SO just as my calf starts feeling like it's getting close to 100% I get a nasty cold and cut the palms of both my hands with my Santoku knife while washing it. Guess I was holding it too gingerly and it slipped. Sharp little bugger! Anyway I avoided the ER trip this time and self-administered first aid, the worst was the right palm which seems to be doing very well two days later. Had to spring for some of that New Skin liquid bandage since regular Band-Aids don't seem to stick to palms for long. Works great. The one thing they don't tell you on the box -- the stuff hurts like hell when you put it on. Even worse than the original cut! Must be the high alcohol content. At least I can type now ;)

Hope you've had a chance to poke around some of the newly added pages, I didn't announce them all, and have a few more waiting in the wings. I'm still working on rolls of film in at least 2 cameras as usual, slowly, slowly...

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