Monday, October 16, 2006

I Remember Now...

Ah yes, I remember now why I didn't get any shooting done last fall. Acute seasonal and world-event-related depression notwithstanding, between the work, the several takewondo classes per week, the assistant coaching basketball, the windup to the holidays, and the crummy weather, it's a wonder I have the time and ability to ensure that my socks match in the morning. Why, I barely have time to watch my stories! :)

Sidebar -- I really need to find another present-hiding location besides the darkroom. We start shopping early and it really puts a cramp in my style. Besides, they'll all figure it out eventually.

I did start carrying around my XA2 to shoot a comparative roll that I can contrast with the L C-A roll. But haven't done much with it yet. And it doesn't get me farther into my Vito B test.

At least I have my guitar(s) to get me through these stuck-indoor times. Last night I actually fell asleep with the Les Paul (note to self - think of name for guitar) on my lap while watching TV. I've been learning a lot of new stuff since I found this corner of the website where this funny dude who calls himself PickNGrin makes these funny little guitar tutorial home videos, they cover all subjects and are really easy to learn from. Check it out. Hey, you know I always give props where props are due.

OK back to work. Mondays. Blah.

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