Saturday, August 05, 2006

New Camera Page Up!

I finally added a new camera page: the Nikon N6006. A couple more are on the way, plus I have some lenses that will be getting their own pages soon and several more sample photos to post. I'm also still considering various images for the 'new work' section.

Developed another roll of film today that I forgot about, a roll of Konica Infrared 750 that I was working on in my XA2. I'm a little surprised it came out at all but I see images so I'm waiting to check it out on the light table later.

I do have a new page up on the Canon Classic 120, it's not finished or revised at all, in fact it's more of a placeholder till I have a chance to go and flesh it out/finish it. I don't usually post pages before they're done but it was linked to from the revised 'additional notes' page so I left it. On the other hand, I did go through the meters/accessories section and update all the links there so that's one section done!

I forgot how time consuming website management can be, bear with me as I work my way through it all.

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