Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What's Going on (What's Going on) ?

What the heck have I been up to lately you ask? Certainly not adding new cameras to my Classic Camera page! Alas, this is true, though I do have a few pages that I am working on for a few worthy cameras that haven't been immortalized yet. And other updates as well...

Instead, what I have been up to since last summer (2005) have included the following:

-changing jobs within my department
-remodeling our kitchen
-continuing to take and teach Taekwondo (Casey and I are both black belts now)
-assistant coaching Casey's basketball team
-learning to play the recorder, the tinwhistle, and now the guitar
-photographing.... a little...
-engaging in the fine (and fun) art of spirits tasting, notably premium tequilas and bourbon

a lot of the latter actually :)

and other life stuff

What happened last summer was this -- we went on vacation where I took many rolls of film with 3 different cameras, then came back and developed but didn't print most of the images. THEN, went into house project mode and gutted our kitchen/dining area, so many of my cameras and books went into storage in the garage. Spent the next month rebuilding the kitchen and installing cabinets, etc., and once the kitchen was done I still have less storage for my stuff than before SO most of it's still in the garage. Without space to store stuff there wasn't much point in continuing to collect so I put that off and then got busy and haven't done much photography either. Not to mention that my darkroom became a holding bin for Christmas presents and well, refer to the list above to see why I might not have been able to find the time for darkroom work since Christmas.

Then I changed website hosts, which opened up some opportunities to do some things that weren't really possible before -- such as this past week I've been teaching myself css and attempting to rework my website in css to be able to update it easier, and integrate this new blog.

Almost forgot - I also lost a fair amount of time glued to the World Cup on tv and Yahoo Matchcast (not to mention lunchtime pub crawling - yow!).

Anyway, check back for site updates in the near future, I have new images to (finally!) replace my ancient 'new work' area. It won't be done overnight but hopefully it will be a steady stream of updates and tweaks. Keep those emails coming!


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