Friday, April 04, 2008

New Pics from Sacto

Biff at CA Capitol
Went on a field trip this week with Casey's class to Sacramento and the state Capitol, haven't been there since I was in fourth grade! And yes I took a (gasp) film camera with me. I almost took the Konica TC but I didn't trust myself not to have a working light meter, but didn't have the batteries for that one (see previous post). Plus I wasn't sure that 40mm would be wide enough for interiors and architecture. The Minolta XD5 with Sears 28mm worked out perfectly. I shot Assemblyman Huffman in his office, portions of the Capitol, and the California Museum and a bit of Sutter's Fort, all on Kodak 400 CN so I could get it on CD at Costco. I also shot with our little Canon A570IS. See my flickr for selected pics.

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